Gone Fishing.

Labor Day!!!  Today I went out to Lau Lau Bay to spearfish with some friends.  This will be my sixth attempt at catching a fish.  After my first five attempts I have been unsuccessful at catching anything.  Early this morning I loaded up the scooter and headed out. 
In order to get to the better fishing spots it's usually best to cross over the reef into deeper water.  I usually always get to see eagle rays, sharks, or turtles so even if I don't catch anything it's still a pretty rad experience. 
Today I hit my first fish!   
Rachel and I are eating Parrot fish tonight!!!


g&kfifield said...

Sweet, I knew that he would catch a fish soon! Great pictures, hopefully more fish to come!

Brian and Rachel said...

i'm so excited that he caught one- i can't wait to eat it!