a grateful heart

Very thankful right now. I'm grateful for what God has given Brian and I, and I'm also working on consistently having an attitude of thankfulness instead of focusing on whatever annoyances or problems there may be day to day.

I'm thankful for being in Saipan right now and for the comfort and normalcy that comes from staying in a place longer than a year.  I love this little island and also love knowing what to expect after being here so long.  After traveling for two years and constantly finding ourselves in new situations, it's been so good to start off this school year with our same jobs, church, and some pretty awesome friends.

Also, I really love this guy.

I'm so proud of him and glad he's all mine.

One of my favorite pictures of Brian and I from Taiwan... swim caps were required for the public swimming pool!

 A picture from way back when in OKC

Also happy to have the very best puppy in the world!  Sam's got skills- she can do so many tricks now.

Also, CONGRATULATIONS to Brian's brother Eric and his wife, Kristy, on finding out they are having a little baby girl!  So excited to meet her and happy for them!


g&kfifield said...

It is true, you do have some pretty awesome friends:) hehe. Anyways loved the pictures of you and Brian, super cute!

Anonymous said...

Love this blog, and love you all:) xoxoxoxox Mom