3 Day Weekend

We really enjoyed our three day weekend in Saipan.  Ok, get ready for a LOT of pictures...

On Sunday afternoon, we had some friends up to our house for some dessert after lunch.

I was a little worried about everyone fitting into our tiny house, but our front porch was perfect for people to lounge on, and the weather was great.
 Our friends Jake and Jackie brought their two dogs, so Samantha was in heaven playing, running, and wrestling around with them all afternoon.

  We have a lot of land around our house so the guys played some frisbee on our compound.

 Jackie's baby will be here soon!!  She is the cutest pregnant lady ever!

Our house, up on Navy Hill

Taking a walk through the compound.  I love all of the shady greenery, trees, and flowers.  We also have a lot of fruit trees: avacado, papaya, banana, guava, and breadfruit.  The breadfruit are so gross when they fall off of the tree and squash on the ground!

On Monday, we headed out to Managaha and relaxed on the tiny island for 6 hours!  We snorkeled, read, napped, and snacked all day long.  A few people saw a huge barracuda in the water, which they said was about 4 feet long!  We also saw an octopus as we were heading back to the boat- they are so graceful and cool to see in the water, especially if they change colors.

Holidays are the BEST.

Lately, I've been listening to LifeChurch TV podcasts (Craig Groeschel) a lot.  I read his book, Weird, a few months ago and now I'm really into the podcasts- they're so good.

Yesterday I listened to "I Quit Comparing," and this really stood out to me:

"Comparison is the death of contentment."

It's so true and I've been thinking on that idea a lot, as I notice exactly what I compare to what others have, do, etc.  His sermons also focus a lot on knowing who you are in Christ, and I'm excited to listen more and learn more about this.  Just wanted to share!


g&kfifield said...

I had so much fun hanging out with you this weekend:) Your place rocks!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your new house. PLEASE put up pics of the inside too. Can't believe how big Sammy's getting! Love you and miss you:) Mom xoxoxo

L said...

I used to live on Navy Hill right across from the lighthouse when I was in 6th grade. I went to Whispering Palms School. I wonder if it still exists. Its really cool to see your blog and how Saipan is now. Beautiful photos. :)