Taste of the Marianas

Taste of the Marianas is awesome. It happens every Saturday evening during the month of May, and is held on a big field at American Memorial Park. It's similar to Street Market, where local hotels and restaurants open up stands and sell their delicious local food. Lots of bbq'd meat, lots of fresh fish and seafood. Delicious!
When you first arrive, you buy tokens for your meal. Each plate is about 5 to 6 dollars, and has a main entree with some sides. Here, the chef is grilling squid and bbq skewers (a favorite in Saipan).

Another stands with ribs, etc. The stands are all decorated really cool- island style- with tiki torches, palm leaves, and lanterns.

Many of the booths also sell local crafts and jewelry. Below are some hand-made flowers to put in your hair. These are SO popular in Saipan. Girls wear flowers in their hair all the time here- some real, some fake- and it always looks so pretty and natural. These come with a bendable "stem" for you to tuck behind your ear or into your hair.

Taste of the Marianas also has a stage with live performances every Saturday, ranging from pre-school ballerinas to these local dancers. This performance was amazing and the crowd always shouts, whistles, and just gets really into it.

The hula costumes are amazing, especially the headresses
Rice croquettes are one of my faves at Taste of the Marianas- filled with cheese and smothered in hot marinara sauce. This week, Brian decided to try one with squid ink mixed in for flavor (also very popular here, but look gross to me)- he said it really was tasty.
Local vendors selling homemade crafts: handknitted purses, jewelry, hats, lanterns...
Almost happy 3 year anniversary to us!!! (tomorrow)
Delicious fish frying on the grill
These dolls are carved from coconuts
Fifields, Grosenbachs, Kyonkas, Buchers, and us (Brian's taking the pic)

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Deece said...

Hi! I've been hiding out and following your blog for a while now. I think I've actually seen Rachel at NMC a few times, but, as usual, I was too shy to introduce myself. Just wanted to say that I'm glad you enjoyed the Polynesian performance - my sister is actually the owner of the group that you pictured in this post and my daughter was one of the little girls that performed with them. Thank you for highlighting the costumes, my sis makes them all herself.