Good Morning

I've been listening to Joyce Meyer's podcasts on Itunes a lot lately, and I just love them. I have to confess, I never thought that I would be a fan of Joyce Meyer's preaching because her style is so different from what I am used to. Brian and I usually listen to and enjoy Francis Chan, Rob Bell, and others in that genre. Joyce Meyer has a very traditional speaking style... and she is amazing! Her messages are no nonsense, in your face, and really, really good. Her website is here.

This morning I was listening to her podcast about getting your day started right. Her very basic steps for each morning were something like this (in my words, not hers):

1. First thing after you open your eyes, rejoice in the day. No matter what troubles or worries are going on in your life, this is a day that God made and God gave you. We are instructed in the Bible to rejoice in it.

2. Thank God for all that you can think of. God blesses a grateful heart.

3. Decide that whatever the day has in store, and as crazy as it might be, that I will "keep my peace." (She has another whole podcast on "Keeping your Peace" and it's also great).

4. Put on love.

So simple and so good.

"Your time alone with God is more valuable than any other thing." -Joyce Meyer

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Anonymous said...

Rach, I've watched Joyce Meyer's show for years & have read a couple of her books and I really like her too. The only shows I like to watch are the broadcasts of her speaking appearances/seminars. She is very no-nonsense and I like her style. She can be funny too.