Cool look what I found

I came across some pictures of me and Brian's first little apartment together back in the states. It was on our college campus at SNU in Chapman apartments and we moved in right after we got married almost three years ago.

I loved this little apartment and it's cool seeing all the stuff we have waiting for us in our storage unit in Oklahoma City. We've lived in three apartments since this one- two in Taipei and one in Saipan- and we haven't really bothered much with decorating while we've been overseas and on the move. I have a huge list of DIY projects I want to do for our house in the states (whenever that may be) and it will be so fun to pull out all of our belongings and get started. (Although looking back at these pics, my decorating taste has changed a lot! Poor Brian- this apartment was a bit girly looking...)

The things I'm most excited about:
- our super comfy down comforter and duvet set my mama got us (see above- isn't it lovely!!)
- curtains... how I miss cute curtains hanging in our windows
- A crock pot. If we end up staying in Saipan another year, we should just buy a new one, but Brian's mom got us a great one that's waiting for us in the unit.
- Our target dish set
- Our fluffy, squishy, huge target bathtowels
- Brian's longboard (says he)
- Central heating and AC- that's going to feel so wierd

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Anonymous said...

Awww- I loved your apartment. Your Dad and I really loved driving down and visiting you both there. Those were fun times. Love you! Mom