A new addition

Guess who's coming home with us?
We've bought this little fluffy girl but she's still to0 young to leave her mom. She's an almost 7 week old labrador, and we've already named her Samantha (or Sam, as Brian calls her).
We've spent lots of hours at the breeders' pet store lately, watching all the pups and their different temperaments. We knew we wanted a girl, but there are 5 girls to choose from! We finally chose Sam because of her sweet, quiet nature; her sister below is sooo feisty.

Here's Samantha (on the right) and her sister. The cuteness really is out of control!!

Brian's so excited to teach her how to swim in the ocean, run with his mountain bike, and catch a frisbee. I want her to be my running buddy... but all of this will have to wait until she's a little older! Right now we're busy reading up on dog training and collecting all the gear we'll need for her. (If anyone on island is selling a large kennel, please let us know). SO excited to take her home!


g&kfifield said...

Rach- I am so excited for you and Brian to have Samantha. She is super cute and is a great addition to your family! Can't wait to meet her!

Anonymous said...

awww, she's so cute! Dogs are the best! I'll tell Scrappy he has a new friend to meet one of these days!
good luck with the training =)


Anonymous said...

Very cute... Hope she will be trainable and bring you lots of joy and fun.

Anonymous said...

Finally I'm a Grandma!!!!! Can't wait to meet our grandpup. Give her kisses for me. xoxoxo Mom