Happy Anniversary! 3 years and 3 countries

Today we're celebrating three years together! 6 years ago I walked into Tulakes Church, where I was starting my freshman internship, and met Brian. I was attracted to his sincerity, kindness, the way that he always treated me with respect, and how he loved to have fun. He still has all of those wonderful qualities and as we've spent the last three years living and traveling together, I've discovered so many more that make me fall more in love with him each year. I love you, baby!
A snow day in Oklahoma City. I remember snuggling up in his apartment on campus and watching movies, cooking, and drinking red tea during this snow day my sophomore year of college.
A roadtrip to St. Louis the summer before my junior year. We took countless roadtrips back when we lived in the states- something I'm really excited to do again one day. When we moved to Taiwan, those roadtrips turned into scooter trips, where we'd spend all day on our scooter exploring the mountains and towns of Taiwan.
Hiking in Mt. Scott- one of my first and favorite pictures of the two of us.
My senior year at a banquet dinner for the church I interned at.
Senior year- getting coffee at the Red Cup with our friend Holly.
In the airport getting ready to move across the world for the first time. It was a scary and exciting feeling to pack most of our things in a storage unit and the rest into our suitcases, to move to a country where they didn't speak our language. Now, we both agree that we wouldn't have traded moving to Taiwan for anything. Traveling was a huge passion and so important to both of us, and I'm glad that I went right out of college.
Halloween at Hsin Hu Kindergarten, the school I worked at last year.
And finally... moving to Saipan. We're here to stay on this little tropical island until we find a job in the states.
Happy Anniversary Brian, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you!


g&kfifield said...

Happy Anniversary! I love your story and all of the great pics along the way:) So glad to know you guys!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blog, Rachel. We're so happy for the two of you, and excited for your future. We love you both with all of our hearts! Mom and Dad

Angela said...

I hope you had a great anniversary Rachel! You two have an amazing story and are doing amazing things together! Congratulations!!!