Summer-y things

 We have so many tomatoes growing in our garden!  This was our first year to ever plant any vegetables and I was wondering if anything would grow, but it was surprisingly easy.  We weren't even that consistent with watering our garden (we would sometimes forget to water it for 2-3 days at the most, oopsies), but it has still done really well.  We planted three tomato plants, two different kinds of squash, and a couple of pepper plants that don't seem to be doing anything yet- I'm not sure if they will make it. It's so fun to actually eat food from your garden- tonight I'm making roasted squash and onions from our very own squash!
 I'm still trying to eat more fruits and vegetables every day.  We've been buying lots of pears and nectarines this summer, and I've been eating a banana almost every morning at work for the past couple of months. A trick I've found that works for me is cutting up lots of fruit and storing it so it looks nice and neat- it seems more convenient to quickly grab and eat it.  I used to eat so many unhealthy foods and live on greasy and sugary foods.  I don't want to lose any weight, I just want to add more healthy and clean foods.  It feels better to eat this way and I've noticed less headaches lately.  That also might be because I've been trying to cut back on coffee a bit, too.  
 Sam sneaks into the vegetable garden to cool down after it has been watered.  She loves to become a muddy mess and loves to actually lay on the plants.
 A couple of weeks ago at Liz and Charlie's pool- these pictures crack me up!  Trying not to drop my phone in the pool.
Brian's enormous mailman hat is definitely the best.
 Also, Utah has a statewide holiday!  It's called Pioneer day, and most businesses are closed in Salt Lake City- awesome! A bunch of us that didn't have to work that day went to help our friends Brian and Sarah paint their brand new house.  We painted it an awesome grey color and the job went surprisingly fast because we had so many people helping.  I saw the finished product this weekend and must say it looked pretty great.
Taking a break to chill and eat pizza.

Last night we met our friends at a coffee shop and had a short Bible study.  One point that came up was the importance of God's Word and studying it daily.  I told them how I missed some of my college classes where we would take a few passages of the Bible, break them down, and really study them in-depth.  I want to focus on doing this while I am reading the Bible and not get into a skimming mindset, which is easy for me because I tend to skim when I read novels.  I want to slow down this month and carefully and slowly read my Bible.

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crookedstripes said...

Such a fun (and tiring) day! Thanks so much for helping out!!