Kansas City Girls

Last week I made a super quick trip to Kansas City to see my family.  I also got to see my friends from high school and spend a day at the pool with them (plus coffee at Starbucks).  I love them so much.  I look forward to seeing these girls every time I go home and love catching up... it's so easy to pick up where we left off the last time we were together.  They are the best.
This summer while we were hanging out at Amy's pool we were talking about how it's almost our ten year high school reunion...what?  We also said that when we are 35 and all have a bunch of kids we are still going to be swimming at Amy's pool in the summers :). 
Hanging out at Whit's house right before Brian and I left for Taiwan.
Andrea's house during college. 
Stace and I took a trip to Florida our freshman year of college where we watched tons of Laguna Beach.  I was just starting to date Brian then and remember talking to him at night in Florida by the pool.
Can't wait to see them next time I'm in town!

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