Color me rad was rad

A couple of weeks ago I picked up these sparkly little numbers for (drumrolll) COLOR ME RAD!! I've always wanted to do a color run, and when one came to Salt Lake City, my friends and I knew we had to sign up.
See our gold headbands?  The coolest accessory to all-white clothing.
 Christine, Sarah, and I met super early (well it was like 7:30) on a Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago for our race.  We all confessed that we didn't feel so hot that morning and all kind of wanted to just go back to sleep, but once I saw the crowds of people walking toward the race downtown, I started to get really excited.  We were supposed to run in the second race group, but ended up jumping in the first group when we saw all of the runners going by!
Seriously, color runs are a blast.  They had a couple of color stations with this yucky liquid-y color that they would spray on you, but my favorite were the stations with the powder color.  The air would be filled with colored powder, and people were throwing it at each other as they ran.  Fun!!  The color got super stuck to our skin and hair.  It took a couple of days to wash all of the pink out of my hair.
 We finished!!!  See our "RAD" thigh tattoos?
 Christine and Ricky, Sarah and Brian at the finish line!
 After a strenuous race (okay, we kind of walked most of the way) we decided it was time for some brunch.
We went to Cafe Oasis and I copied off of Christine and had the a really good grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.
So glad we did Color Me Rad girls- so much fun!  Next up is a marathon, right??

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Someone thought I was running a marathon the other day and I about died laughing. But Color Me Rad was super fun!!