Hanging out with the Young Family

At the beginning of July, we went with our friends the Youngs to their cabin near Heber, Utah.  We couldn't believe how gorgeous the area was, with aspen trees surrounding the cabin.  The cabin was beautiful inside, too, with a vaulted ceiling and lots of cozy places to hang out.
 We got there a little before it started to get dark and had dinner, then went outside to try out the zipline.   I kinda thought I was going to crash into a tree, but it was so fun.
Ziplining it.  Then it started to rain so we had to stop.
 Spent the evening hanging out and playing games with the family and these two fun girls- Tess and Gem.
 Brian and I got to stay in this beautiful bedroom on the top floor with windows all around the bedroom- such a pretty view when we woke up in the morning.  
 The next morning I was worried we would be the last ones up but we ended up being the first, so we took a walk around the cabin and saw some deer.
We came back and had some walnut pancakes and fruit around the big dining room table.
 Me and JL after breakfast.  Jennilyn's sister-in-law and her four kids were also with us at the cabin.
Hanging out the next day on the wraparound porch.  The kids rode their scooters around and around.
 Then, while I was in Kansas City, Brian went mountain biking with Dave and Gem and they were chased by a moose.
 While they were mountain biking with Gemma leading the way, Brian heard Gem yell up ahead of him.  He later found out that she had seen the moose first, but was distracted by a rainbow (see pictures below!) and didn't see the moose along the trail until she brushed up against it!!
 Gem yelled and rode off, but next Brian came upon the moose, who was now blocking the entire mountain biking trail.  Brian started yelling and making a lot of noise (he thought that was what you were supposed to do if you saw a moose in the wild... not sure if it really is or not?), which only made the moose start to come at him.  He said it wasn't "charging" at him, but was coming at him pretty fast.

 Brian quickly got behind a big log, but by that point Dave was now coming along the trail.  When he saw the moose, he slammed on his brakes and flew over his handlebars.  Thankfully, the moose decided it was time to walk away, and Brian and Dave jumped on their bikes and rode away.  So crazy!  As we've been telling people this story, they keep telling us how dangerous moose are and it makes me so glad that nothing worse happened on the trail!  
 The effects of flying over your handlebars to not run into a moose.  Utah...
All's well that ends well!  And here is said rainbow that distracted poor Gem.  They all met up in a safe place and compared their moose stories!  Thanks for the pictures, Dave!

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