Rainy Day at Alta

Brian and I took a short trip up to Alta this past Sunday.  Alta ski resort is in Little Cottonwood Canyon, about a 45 minute drive from our house, and Brian also wanted to show me the Devil's Castle rock formation.  We saw storm clouds rolling in that afternoon, but decided to go anyway and enjoy the cool, rainy weather.
 We also wanted to see the mountain wildflowers that are beautiful this time of year.
Alta ski lifts
Deer sighting!  This one stood and looked at us for a minute before bouncing away.
The rain gave the mountains a hazy, misty look
Bright and beautiful yellow wildflowers scattered all throughout the mountains
 Then guess what we saw... more moose!  Isn't that the theme of the week.  These ones were precious-  a mama and a baby.  
 The baby moose kept running and frolicking around this field.  It was seriously the cutest thing ever.  They didn't even care that we were somewhat close to them (in our car of course)- they were just hanging out right by the road.


Anonymous said...

It's so pretty up there right?! But we didn't see any baby moose :( Jealous!

Tisse said...

A baby moose, how awesome! I've never actually seen a moose in real life. I love all of your hiking adventures, you guys are just the cutest :)

Brian and Rachel said...

thanks you guys! The baby moose may have been the cutest thing I've ever seen!