Thoughts on Leaving- Saipan Version

I seriously can't believe that in one week from today we will be boarding a plane for America.  Actually, at exact moment in one week we will be in the air!  I'm actually looking forward to the long plane ride. I always sleep a lot on Brian's shoulder, watch movies, and read read read.  My bff Kindle will be getting lots of use in the airport and on the plane!

I was packing and preparing things for our second garage sale yesterday and had a lot of thoughts on leaving running through my head.  It's always a bittersweet experience, and even though we've moved many times in the past three years, it feels fresh each time.

Thoughts on Leaving Saipan
On the plane ride to Taiwan.  Anticipating living overseas for the first time.
 Summer, 2009
Things I am looking forward to the most:

-Seeing our family and friends from home.  Hanging out with my awesome bro, drinking coffee and chatting with Brian's mom, movie/cheese dip night at my friend Tom's house, playing with my dog, meeting our new adorable niece Cambria... and a million more moments to look forward to!

Roadtrip to Florida.  August, 2009
-Roadtrips with my man, listening to music, putting my feet up on the dashboard, stopping to get out and take pictures.

-American restaurants.  Want to know the ones I'm most excited about?  Starbucks, Olive Garden, Chili's, Red Lobster, Sonic!!!

- Shopping.  I always enjoy packing for home because of the sheer amount of stuff we get rid of.  It feels good to purge and to only take home the things you really need or that mean a lot to you.

  Saipan is pretty limited in the shopping department, so I've been wearing a lot of the same clothes for two years.  Also, Saipan only has one season: hot. summer.  I'm trashing or selling a lot of my faded, old summer clothes to make room for some shopping in the states.  Could not be more excited about that!

-When I asked Brian what he was looking forward to the most, he first said, "yogurt and cottage cheese."  Ha!  Milk products are pricey here (they were in Taiwan too)- guess we know what he will be eating a lot of when he gets home!

-Brian also said he's looking forward to a new adventure, and that moving to a new place makes you think of where you've been and what you have loved about it.  We took a walk near our house last night and Brian kept saying, "Smell that tropical smell!  I'm really going to miss that.  And those jungle sounds- it's so peaceful here."  :)

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