Last couple of weekends

Here's a big bunch of pictures from the last two weekends in Saipan.  
Above, us girls after church.  Amy, Anna, Becky, me, Lynnette, Kara, and Alison.  

Saying goodbye to these girls at the nail salon and crying just bit. :)
Girls night at Mandi Spa at Marianas Resort
In the infinity pool overlooking the ocean- the best place to watch the Saipan sunset!

 We went to Obyan Beach on Memorial Day.  We made a fire and cooked fish and smores, and some of us swam over the reef to snorkel in the open ocean.

I swam over the reef with Brian, Matt, Amy, and Alison, but my mask had a leak and kept filling up with water every two minutes.  I had to keep coming back up and emptying it out... so I didn't really see much this time.  Brian has been out past the reef many times and he has seen sea turtles, squid, rays, and a lot of other sea creatures.
Chillin at Obyan
Matt, Nate, and Brian

Brian and I went to Aqua Resort on Friday night to celebrate our four year anniversary!
Beach reading- I love my kindle.  Saipan mail can be very slow (one time, it took two months to receive a book ordered from Amazon), and we only have one little bookstore in Saipan.  I would definitely recommend a kindle for travelers who love to read.  It makes it so easy to buy and download books.

Hey babe, happy 4 years!
Relaxing in the hammock at Aqua Resort.

Hiking one last time at Forbidden Island.

Making the steep descent
Matt, Amy,  me, and Kara- Brian on the other side of the camera for most of these.

Hiking through the brush

Matt taking a break to look at the view

This part is really slippery and it's easier to slide down on your butt for some of it.

The end- whew that was a lot of pictures!

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MyLyn said...

I haven't done this hike yet but really want to! Thanks for sharing!