Going Down to Cowtown

A few days before we left Saipan, Brian and I took a trip up north to the Marpi area to explore Cowtown and the beach around it.  Marpi is an interesting and almost untouched area of Saipan, with lots of natural beauty.  It also has Suicide and Bonzai cliff, many different war memorials, and lots of great mountain biking trails. 
 Cowtown was going to be ranch or maybe a rodeo at some point in time, but they stopped building it; now only the sign remains.
 We started hiking down the path to the beach.
 This side of the island doesn't have a reef, so it's not really safe to swim.  The day we were there, the waves were crashing really hard against the rocky shore.

 Brian's hand is sticking out of the WWII bunker on the right side.
 That's us.

Suicide cliff towers above Marpi.  A picture of the memorial area on Suicide Cliff is here.

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