U can do it

 I've been running a lot in Saipan lately, and I have to say I'm really enjoying it!  Yes, it is hot running in the tropical heat at times, but I've found that running anywhere between 5:00 to 6:30 in the evening works best for me.  Brian likes to get up really early to beat the heat when he runs... I've tried that a couple of times and I end up going home early and getting back into bed.

I've signed up for a race in Saipan right before we leave for the states, and plan to do another 10k there.  My goal:  to run a half marathon in 2012!

Here are the things that motivate/help me most with running:  (above) My ipod shuffle.  I always run to hip hop, especially Black Eyed Peas, Pitbull, and David Guetta.
 Garmin Forerunner 305.  At first, I hated this thing.  It felt bulky and awkward on my wrist (it's pretty big) and was kind of confusing to use.  Now, I love it.  It uses GPS to track distance and pace, so it's really accurate.  You can also load your runs on Garmin Connect, and compare your past runs to see how you are improving.  I use it every time I run.
  These have been through one 10k, and a lot of training.  I think I need some new shoes soon!
And here is me and Jenny's first 10k race in Saipan.


Annie said...

I hope to start running again after Saipan Baby arrives in October. I'm not sure I could handle early runs either, but we will see! (We have that same Garmin and I felt/feel the same way about it!)

g&kfifield said...

Yay! you can do it rachel! i am proud of you and cant wait to hear all about your race!

Rachel said...

Thanks guys! Annie, I would recommend running along the path on Beach Road- you can watch the sunset while you run and the ocean breeze is nice too.

MyLyn said...

That's awesome! I started running again too but my gps never works! :-( way to go though! And thanks for the music recommendations!

Annie said...

Thanks for the recommendation! The more breeze, the better. (O: