some old pics from college :)

cheering on my little bro's band performance with some wicked Hulk fists we found at a garage sale on the way there
from a road trip to Tulsa my sophomore year
A snow day sophomore year
In Kansas City, on the top floor of the Westin Hotel at Crown Center. 2 years later, we had the first two nights of our honey moon at this hotel!
One of many roadtrips to KC- jr year
Visiting our good friends Matt and Kim in Colorado- i just got to see them and their adorable baby girl a couple weeks ago when I visited home.


g&kfifield said...

it is cool to see old photos! you and brian are super cute!

Nancy Morris said...

Hi Brian and Rachel,

Enjoyed your pictures and the update. We are so proud of you both and are happy to hear you are able to learn about and experience other cultures. I hope it will not be too much of a culture shock when you come home to stay. Our country is changing and not for the better. Hopefully we all will get together at Christmas.
Love and prayers
Grampa and Gramma Morris