Lime in the coconut

These are everywhere in Saipan. Coconuts in the trees, on the beach, all over the ground. If one of these things fell off the tree onto your head, it could give you a concussion!
But seriously, they are an awesome (and free) snack.

Tutorial: How to cut and eat a coconut
Step one: Chop it open with a machete (we bought ours at Ace Hardware here on the island, and it's great for hacking through the jungle trails, too)
Step Two: Pour the juice into a container, or just drink it with a straw from the coconut.
It's so good for you, too. Here's the benefits of coconut oil:
-Good for your hair and skin
-Aids in digestion
-Helps to balance your cholesterol levels
-Brian says it's better than Gatorade for replacing electrolites
-Keeps away kidney problems
-Strengthens your bones
Step Three: Eat the meat from inside. Our friends Matt and Amy gave us the idea to bake it, so it comes off the shell easier. Bon Appetite!


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Man! I'm so jealous of the weather you have! It looks so much more warm and less rainy! Miss you!!!!!