Scenes from our Sunday

On Sunday, while the boys did this:
(Exploring caves, getting muddy, finding old grenades)...
The girls did this:
(Laying out, getting some sun, lots and lots of chatting).

= A great Sunday!
The boys explored the caves around Bonsai Cliffs

And came home really muddy and smelly
Had a little dip in the pool to clean off
And finished off the day with some dinner at Wild Bill's- our new favorite restaurant on Saipan. Their burgers and pad thai is so amazing.
This weekend, I'm so thankful that God has given us amazing friends in Saipan- we love them.


g&kfifield said...

such a great saipan day!

Anonymous said...

Wow Rach, looks like you all had a fantastic day! The perfect plan!!
But, will Wild Bill make you The Elvis sandwich?!! I had one Saturday & it was pretty good :)
still praying for you guys ~
love Cheryl

Rachel said...

Cheryl, wasn't the Elvis the best thing you've ever had?? i know it changed my life... forever. but it's not as good as cheese dip/blue koolaid night!

Anonymous said...

Your Dad is so excited about coming. He'll love to cave explore with you. Looks like you're having a wonderful time. And that's pretty good:)