The boys on the beach

Hello friends and family that we love and miss!
Time for a little update.
We're back into the swing of things in Saipan. I've been back at work for a week, and took a hiking trip with my coworkers to Forbidden Island this Sunday. Brian came too, which made it even better, and we had 15 kids from my tutoring company show up for the hike.

Brian's been training hard for the XTerra race in March. He alternates between swimming, running, and biking each day. (The race is an off-road triathlon, with swimming in the ocean, mountain biking, and trail running.) I like to go sit on the beach in my beach chair and read a book while he does his 25 minutes of swimming in the ocean. My dad is visiting Saipan in March (!!!!!) and he will get to be here to see Brian race- he arrives a day before Brian's birthday!

Last week was a homesick week for me. I got spoiled getting to see my brother and mom and dad every day, and getting to spend lots of time with Kansas City friends and family. It was hard to say goodbye and know that I wouldn't see them again for at least 6 more months. The best cure for homesickness for me has been to jump into activities on the island and keep busy. Me and Brian got to spend tons of time together on this holiday weekend, which was absolutely wonderful. I'm really thankful for my group of girlfriends here, who have been so encouraging last week- they really are the best group of girls in the world!

Some things we are thankful for in Saipan right now:
- our church. we. love. it.
- having a car. It's been having some problems lately, but God's going to take care of it.
- the weather. It's tradewind season in Saipan, which means that there is always a breeze on the island. You can tell a major difference, and it just feels great to be outside, especially in the evenings.

Thanks for reading our blog, and please leave us a comment- we really miss you all! Rachel


Crystal said...

Beautiful pics! Best of luck to Brian!:) I love reading up on you two!

Anonymous said...

I told you I read it Rach!


Anonymous said...

hey Rach! well, it's never a dull moment for you guys is it!? I didn't realize how homesick you had been. I guess for those of us that don't go anywhere, it's hard to imagine missing home! I am so happy for you guys to have had the wonderful , priceless experiences that you have had. They are memories that will never end. That is so cool that Kelly is coming to visit you. I mean, that is ... pretty cool!
~love, Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie! I'm so glad you're back in the swing of things. Your Dad is really getting excited about coming. He now has new sandals, and hiking boots. We're all really excited about Brian's upcoming race, too. Your Dad will get some great pictures and videos to bring back home. Love you and miss you:) Mom

g&kfifield said...

i love u rach and it just was not the same around here without you so i am glad u are back! loves!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel- neat to see what an interesting life you are living. Looks like you are having the time of your life. I'm so happy for you both. Brian best of luck in the race. I'm also excited to hear your dad is getting to visit. That will be so fun for you all.
Darci Ault

Anonymous said...

I forgot to comment on the last one I think, so I'm commenting now!

I hope you are doing better with homesickness. I HATE that feeling! I am praying for you two that you get to return though!

Be safe!
Love you!

Kristy said...

love you guys!! And miss you! :) Yay for Brian's race!

Love Eric and Kristy

Edie said...

So glad you enjoyed time in KC. I miss you both so much...and am sooooo jealous of your Dad getting to visit you there. I can't wait until this summer to see you both. Happy training Brian:) Love you both.