The day I jumped down a cliff

A couple weekends ago, my friend Liz had a chance to go repelling with the JROTC group at the school where she teaches. She asked me and my friend Laura if we wanted to go, and we jumped at the chance! Our husbands had to go to an all-morning counselors meeting at their schools, so us girls got to go and be dare-devils together.
My friend Laura was fearless coming down the cliff! She was taking big leaps and grinning the whole time. It was the first time any of us had repelled, not counting rock-climbing at OKC Rocks (or whatever it's called now) in college.
Harnesses on, ready to go... just a little bit scared!
They let us use their army gear, which was really awesome (and really sweaty from the people before us)
Looking over the edge and getting ready to repel.
Going down... ta-da!!!


g&kfifield said...

u are a daredevil!

Anonymous said...

looks awesome rach!


Anonymous said...

You make your Dad proud, honey! Maybe you can all do it when he's visiting. Mom