We went to Sundance!!

Back in January, we drove to Park City with four of our friends for the Sundance Festival!  I've always wanted to attend a film festival, and I love it that we only live 40 minutes away from one of the biggest ones.  Even though we didn't catch any films or see any celebs (my friend Sarah and I really wanted to see a celebrity!!), we still had the best time walking around the city, eating lunch in the mountains, and soaking in the Sundance vibe with great friends.

We took the Park City trolley to some of the event centers
Standing in the waitlist lines trying to get tickets.  Now we'll know what to do next year to get those coveted movie tickets!   I ❤ Park City!


SaZi said...
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Sarah said...

Woo! Still a fun day, even though not as successful as we hoped :)

Rachel said...

it was such a fun day who cares about celebrities?!? :)

Rachel said...

can't wait for Sundance next year!!