Salt Lake Snacks

 One of my favorite things about being back in the States is the food!  Taipei and Saipan had some great food for sure, but I missed all of the choices of different foods and being able to find exactly what you need every time at the grocery store.  

Salt Lake City has some awesome food and I've loved finding new favorites here.  Last night on the way home from work, Brian and I stopped at the Chow Truck.  I've seen it before parked out in front of  REI, but have never stopped to try it.  It was on the list of "best food trucks" in Utah, so when we saw it parked near 9th and 9th, we turned the car around and got some food.  Brian and I split three different things last night and it was pretty good.  But I think we both agreed that we like the taco stands outside of Sears on State Street even better.

Ruby Snap cookies are sooo good- and the cute little bakery is right down the street from us about 10 mins away.  All of their cookies are named after a pin-up girl and they are all really unique (some have really weird ingredients but they still taste so good).  Also, they give you huge samples every time you go in, so you get to try lots of different kinds of cookies.  A redbox movie and Ruby Snap makes a great weeknight!
My friends and I went to The Rose Establishment for coffee this morning and we've also been there a couple of times before.  Love that place, their coffee and breakfast quiches, and hanging out on Saturday morning with my friends.

First time we all went to Rose Establishment way back in December
 Also, last weekend we introduced Brian to an old classic at my friend Ashley's house.  He like it... of course.  Who doesn't love the Breakfast Club?  PS in high school I had this movie just about memorized... and had the soundtrack.

I'll leave you with this awesome picture for your day.

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