Spring in the City

 Spring is here!!  Flowers are popping up all over and it's the best.

 On a walk downtown

Here's some of the March 8th page of Jesus Calling.  I've read it probably over 10 times since March 8th-

"Save your best striving for seeking My face.  I am constantly communicating with you.  To find Me and hear My voice, you must seek Me above all else.  Anything that you desire more than Me becomes an idol.  When you are determined to get your own way, you blot Me out of your consciousness.  Instead of single-mindedly pursuing some goal, talk with Me about it... Seek Me first and foremost, then the rest of your life will fall into place, piece by piece."

I want my best striving to be seeking after God.  I don't want to be running around in circles with my mind focused on the wrong things.  I'm trying to pray about this and my priorities first thing each morning before I get up.  I'm also praying for God to fill me with His love, after hearing an awesome sermon Sunday night at K2 and being encouraged to pray this every day.

-Brian's birthday was on Monday!!  I can't wait to write about it but don't have all of the pictures yet- soon!

-I spent an hour yesterday morning talking to my Gram on the phone and it was wonderful.  I love it that I get to talk to my grandparents on a regular basis each week.  Even in Saipan we used to talk all the time and my Gram (and Aunt Carolyn!) would send us letters and care packages with Trader Joe's tomato soup.  It meant a lot to us.

-I was given two new clients this week and will be working overtime each week... it's going to be busy, but saving for a house, here we come!  We would love to start looking at houses to buy at the first of next year, then move in the spring.  Not even sure if it's possible and we're pretty flexible, but it's a great goal and has been helping us save money each month.

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