Bridal Veil Falls

See the ice fishers in the middle of the lake?

Brian and I had the day off on Monday and so we decided to take a road trip!!  Road trips are one of our very favorite things.  Although I loved living on the small island of Saipan for two years, I missed the feeling of wide open spaces and the ability to drive anywhere you want to explore.  Brian and I have been taking mini road trips now that we are living in Utah to recapture that feeling.  We're both really looking forward to taking the 4 hour drive down to Zion and Moab this spring or summer.
 Yesterday, we drove from North Salt Lake through Park City and over to the little town of Heber, then looped back through the Bridal Veil Falls area and up through Lehi.  My favorite part was seeing all of the ice fishing on Deer Creek Reservoir.

 Taking the short walk to Bridal Veil falls.  It was so icy and slippery we kept falling all over the place

 frozen waterfall

I'm looking forward to going to yoga here in an hour.  Some of my yoga teachers (and some of our friends here in Salt Lake) have been inspiring me to eat more fruits and vegetables every day. Sounds simple, but it has always been hard for me.  Brian consumes them like candy every day- he probably eats too many fruits and vegetables ha- but I've always had a hard time making myself get enough each day.  As I've been eating them more, I've discovered that they really do make you feel better and give you more energy- it's not a myth!  Now, my next move is drinking more water and less coffee.... noooooo!

Want to see the flowers that Brian got me for Valentine's Day?  I love him. So much.

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