Saturday morning coffee

This morning I went out for coffee with two of my friends at my favorite Salt Lake coffee shop, The Rose Establishment.  Brian and I live just north of downtown Salt Lake, so I walked to my friend Ashley's apartment to pick her up, then we walked together about 10 blocks or so to the coffee shop.  The weather here is finally starting to get a little bit warmer, and it was so fun to walk through the city.  The snow was even melting and dripping everywhere (there are huge piles of snow all over the city from the crazy amounts of snow we've been having lately).
 Ashley, me, and Liz

I've been getting back into taking yoga classes.  I've pretty much given up doing yoga here at the house because I never have enough motivation and end up quitting halfway through.  When I take a class I'm super motivated by the teacher and people around me, and usually work really hard at it.  The classes are obviously more expensive than doing yoga for free in your living room to a hulu yoga video and you also have to get up the motivation to drive across town during the week to attend the class, but so far it's been working really well.  Brian and I went to a "core" yoga class on Tuesday night together, and I was really happy that he was one out of four other guys in the room.  

 I want to put up some pictures of our little rental house but haven't gotten around to taking the pictures, so here is our bathroom for starters.  Love this tub.

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Grant & Kara said...

I love that you put a pic of your tub on your blog:) so great! glad to see that you, brian, and sammi are loving utah!