Skiing and Portlandia

Yesterday I went skiing for the first time in Utah.  I had been skiing before a few times as a teenager, but hadn't been for about ten years.  Our friends Ashley and Creighton were going as sponsors with our church youth group and they got a great deal on the lift passes, rentals, and a two hour lesson at Brighton Ski Resort.  I got to go with them, but Brian had to work- so we're planning on going back up to Brighton in the next month so he can ski too.

I wanted to get the hang of it again and get better at skiing my first day because I know Brian will pick up skiing quickly and I want to be able to keep up with him when we go together.  The ski lesson helped so much.  I learned a bunch of little things that I never knew when my friends taught me to ski a long time ago, and tricks on slowing down and stopping easier.  I think I was pretty cautious though yesterday, and want to learn on speeding up as I get more comfortable.  I stayed on the bunny slope most of the day, but also did a green slope which was so much fun.  It was also really cool to go with the K2 youth group and sponsors, and to get to know more people at our church.
Ash and I getting our boots on.  She's a really good snowboarder!

Also, I love this show so much.  Brian and I have been watching a couple of episodes a night... see?

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