Happy New Year

Sunset on Capital Hill
Here's a little catch up of the last month or so.  It's been snowing like crazy in Salt Lake!  I couldn't get enough of it at first, but now I'm getting so excited about spring, tank tops, running again, not wearing 15 layers, and a warm car on the 7:30 drive to work.  Our friends are doing some Salt Lake races in the early summer (Dirty Dash, a color run) that I am going to sign up for.  I'm really looking forward to using those races as motivation to run again.  I've been hibernating from exercise over the winter (which has been so nice) except for some random yoga, but now I'm ready to get into action again when it warms up a little.

Brian has been working so hard at work. He is really the hardest worker ever.  There have been challenges with that schedule for sure, and now especially since I'm working full time too (and sometimes overtime).  We've struggled with keeping the house clean, with cooking dinner at night (I cook three meals a day for my clients in their homes and do not feel like cooking again when I get home at night), and just day to day frustrations with being stressed out and not having enough time or not seeing each other enough.  

Our friends have really been such a support system for us, and they don't mind that we show up late to things a lot.  We love our friends here and make it a priority to get to hang out with them a lot, even if Brian has had a 12 hour day at work (he usually says, "I'm really tired, but let's still go!") or if the house doesn't get cleaned up... for a long time.  I'm thankful for the people God has put in our lives in Salt Lake.  I'm also thankful for a motivated, hard working husband- I'm proud of him.

Umm... what else?  We saw Django last night and it was really good!  

I have a serious addiction to the restaurant Zupa's and get a chicken pesto sandwich/cauliflower soup there at least twice a week... sometimes maybe 4 times

I love my dog. Samantha is the coolest ever and the best snuggler when I've had a bad day.

Brian is itching to ski.  He also really wants to go snowshoeing, which I don't think sounds quite as cool but he really wants to.  We want to try to get up to a resort before spring and go skiing a couple of times, at least a cheaper night ski.  

I read this blog, and also this one and this one just about every day.  They are just so good.

Brian and I still talk about Taiwan and Saipan all the time.  We still dream about travel and living overseas again.  For right now (and the next few years), we are both really content in Salt Lake City.  

Samantha wants to play

 cold walk

This could have been our Christmas card...but then someone decided not to cooperate, Samantha...

Ice skating in the first part of December- it felt so Christmas-y!
 Girls night at Liz's house!  Thanks for letting me steal these pictures Sarah! :)


Grant & Kara said...

Looks like lots of fun rach! miss!

Elaine @ Following Augustine said...

So glad you're enjoying Salt Lake City. We're about to head off on another overseas adventure! Richard and I are going to Dalian, China where we'll spend a semester teaching English at a teacher training university. We leave on Feb. 20.

Brian and Rachel said...

I miss you too Kara!! Elaine, I'm a little jealous of your next overseas adventure- China is going to be amazing! Brian and I would love to live in China someday. I'm so excited for you both!