Snowy Salt Lake

It keeps snowing a whole bunch here and I'm pretty happy about it.  Brian and I live right by Ensign Peak, so we hike up there a lot.  We went for a quick 15 minute hike the other weekend to get some snow pictures.
See the big fluffy snowflakes?
You can barely see the mountains to the east- it was super foggy with the snow.

Brian throws the snow up in the air and Sam leaps up to eat it.  Snow makes her go a little crazy- she runs around in circles as fast as she can and jumps all around.
Then it got freezing and Brian was only wearing a sweatshirt so we went back to the car.

I feel like I want and need to be more intentional about serving God right now.  Sometimes I can be really lazy and procrastinate on things that are really important.  I really love our church and being a part of our church community, and have wanted to find a way to serve at our church for a couple of months now.  It's not difficult to find a place to serve, I just haven't quite followed through.  I've sent some emails about interest in serving, but again just haven't quite followed through with actually doing it.

Then the other night I was reading from Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl by Lysa Terkeurst (it's really good) and she started a sentence with this: "As long as you are in the place God has called you and He's using you..." It made me think, how is God using me right now? Am I giving myself or am I just taking, getting, consuming, etc.

So, I want to start now being intentional about serving.  Brian and I are going to be greeters at our church at the Christmas Eve service (that's like the easiest first step!) and then I want to find another place to give my time at my church or in the community and let God use me.

I've also been inspired by a couple of my friends' blogs lately to want to write more and not just post pictures with captions ha!

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