Donut Falls hike

We had a great time hiking with a couple of friends from our Monday night church group, Ashley and Creighton.  We picked the Donut Falls trail, an easy hike in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  The waterfall at the end of the hike flows through a circular hole in the rocks- the donut!
 The fall weather in Salt Lake City has been so nice lately.  I love the dry coolness here that doesn't feel too chilly.
 It was a windy day and the yellow leaves from the aspen trees were blowing around and falling to the ground as we hiked- so pretty!
 checking out the creek

 Climbing up the slippery waterfall.  The water was freeeezing cold, but it was really cool to climb to the top.

Looking forward to hiking with them again!


MyLyn said...

Beautiful! I do love the hikes and waterfalls in Utah. There is so much to do outdoors there!

Rachel said...

We do too! I'm working in Holloday, and I love to see the mountains when I'm driving to work! Glad I can read your blog again :)