Looking over the city

We got some much-anticipated and awesome news this week: Brian got the job with the US Postal Service that he was really wanting to get.  We're so thankful and excited for him to start.  Orientation starts this Saturday, so we've been taking advantage of his free time (he was told that he will be working a lot of hours pretty soon) and exploring our city.  This afternoon, we tried a hiking trail directly behind the Salt Lake City Capital called Ensign Peak.
 The SLC mountains have been hazy lately because of the fires in Idaho.  It looks kind of cool, but makes it a little more difficult to tell what direction you are going in the city.  The mountains have been an excellent help to me when I've been lost while driving:  I can easily find out which way I'm going by looking for the highest peaks.  Which is nice, because I've been lost a lot lately ha!
 As for my job, I was hired as a CNA at a healthcare center in the city, but can't start until I pass my CNA certification (I'll be taking the test soon).  I'll be working as a CNA while going to school this year.
There's a quick update on us and a pretty view!

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Congratulations to both of you!
~ Cheryl