A Grateful List

Taken in Saipan, New Year's 2012 on the beach

I'm reading the book, One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp right now.  Her book centers around thanksgiving, and how the practice of thanksgiving brings contentment and trust.  I thought I'd do a list of my own:
So grateful for...

A good, solid job for Brian, after a couple of difficult months of searching for jobs and not knowing where we would go.  The job market really is hard right now and it got so frustrating.  That is my #1 thanks.

That we get to feel fall weather after living in tropical and sub-tropical weather for 3 years.  

My Gram and cousin Ryan are coming to visit us this summer. And hopefully many more people and family to come visit!

Thankful we had the opportunity to travel the last few years and also thankful to be back in the states.  It's so nice to call family any time of the day and to shop/eat at/see some of the places I was really missing. It's nice to decorate my home and make it feel a little more permanent.  There are lots of things we miss about living overseas and we eventually want to do it again, but right now I'm so thankful we are back and I'm really enjoying life in the States.

Making my dad's bruschetta recipe last night- I miss cooking with my dad!

Supportive, encouraging family

Being in love with my husband Brian


Amy Grosenbach said...

It's a good feeling isn't it. Yesterday Matt and I were walking downtown Nashville and were sipping Hot Caramel Apple Ciders in the cold. Every time I shiver I thank the Lord. =) Miss you friend. You yourself are a very amazing gift as well.

Grant & Kara said...

Awe this is such a great list. it is so fun to see where God has taken all of us in the states:) cant wait to hear more!