Utah has the most beautiful weather.  Yesterday I went for a run up by the capitol building.  The leaves were all over the streets and falling from the trees, and it was in the 60's- so gorgeous.  It's kind of weird for it to be warm again, since it was snowing just a couple of weeks ago.

Brian and I are both settling into our new jobs.  I'm starting my third week as a CNA, and Brian's been working for the post office for over a month now.  Brian's been working a lot of hours, as we knew he would, so we've been taking advantage of our week nights and Sundays, and trying to fit in all that we want to do.  Brian gets tired from being on his feet all day (he's a new mail carrier, and sometimes works 11 or 12 hour days), but really likes working outdoors.

This week, we moved from our apartment into a little one-bedroom rental house.  We love it!!  It's minutes from downtown, and less than a mile from the beautiful capitol building.  It's also just an 8 minute drive to Brian's post office, which is really nice for him.  It has a backyard from Sam to play in, which is exactly why we chose it.  Right now, we're still in the process of moving everything in, organizing where it all will go, hanging pictures, and cleaning it up a bit. We chose a 1 year lease, so I want to really make it feel like home.  After moving around so much, I can't wait to decorate and buy some pieces of furniture that we can keep for a long time.  I also can't wait to have some friends over to try out the little fire pit in the back yard!

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