Have I ever said that I love the snow here?  I do!  Utah snow is fluffy and has great big flakes.
 Samantha loves it too and jumps around in it like she used to in the Saipan ocean.  She also lunges at it while Brian shovels and tries to eat the snow.  Weirdo.
 My babe shoveling our driveway.
 My other babe.
 This weekend we went over to our friends Ashley and Creighton's apartment for a movie.  The snow was falling outside the window, they had a fire going, and Ashley made the most delicious lattes.  It was so awesome.  I love being warm and cozy inside while it's snowing outside, especially with great company.

 Also, I saw these pics on my phone the other day and realized I never put them on here.  You know who's cool?  My friend TJ and his mom Cheryl!  :) TJ is one of my oldest friends, and whenever I come to Kansas City, Brian and I always go over to Cheryl's house to hang out and have a cheese dip/movie night.  It's a tradition.  This summer, we got to hang out with them a lot for movie nights, going to get coffee, and we even got to go to an MMA fight in Kansas City that TJ was working at.  They even sat through my favorite movie, Across the Universe, even though I think they may have hated it hahaha!  They are the very best.


Anonymous said...

LOVE your pictures!!! We are SO jealous:) Mom

Anonymous said...

Are the mocassins on your bare feet???!!!! Mom:(

Grant & Kara said...

Awe i love seeing the snow pics!

crookedstripes said...

hahahahaha Brian. Love your blog! I subscribed :)