Time to share a great book

Right now, I'm reading this book and I love it so much. It's about a deeper, more committed walk with God, and giving Him all of you (not just a portion of your life, or a portion of your devotion). Following Christ is not just a piece of the pie of our lives, but the whole entire thing. It's urged me to make a new commitment, as I've been reading it this week, and I wanted to share, just in case you want to read it too. Francis Chan also has a really good website here.

Also this week...
- Our races are getting close, so of course lots of running/biking/swimming (and of course, the best dance class ever at Gold's gym). My first 10k is in a week and a half, and Brian's XTerra race is the next weekend.
- My daddy is coming to Saipan the week of the XTerra and I'm so so excited. Brian and I have spent lots of time lately planning things to do. I can't wait to show Saipan to my dad! Also, we will get to do a lot of the touristy things again that we haven't done since we first moved here. I love showing off a city to someone (like the time my awesome friend Chris Mullins came to visit us in OKC), and how much better is showing off our island??

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g&kfifield said...

Hey, I am reading the same book- crazy! I would love to share thoughts when I am finished with it! YOu are so great!