Saipan snacks

I've always wanted to try this dish, and today I finally did- it was so good!

It's bananas in coconut cream, only they are not normal bananas. For this local dish, they use plantains, or "cooking bananas" as the locals call them. They grow all over the place here in Saipan (even on the trees in our apartment complex) and look like large, normal bananas, but they can't be eaten before cooked.

The cafeteria at my college makes this, along with many other Chamorro (local) favorites for a dollar, and most of them are delicious. I really like lumpia stuffed with vegetables and pork, then dipped in sweet and sour sauce:

The weekly Thursday night Street Market here in Saipan (held in the tourist area of Garapan) is a great place to try these and many more local foods for really cheap. The street is lined with stands from about 15 of Saipan's local restaurants.

You can choose from Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Thai, and many other kinds of foods. My very favorite part of street market is the stand that makes fresh fruit smoothies- I can never get the ones we make at home to taste like theirs!

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Nancy Morris said...

Hi Brian and Rachel,

I have been searching your blog and enjoying seeing where you live, what you eat and your precious friends. Grandpa and I are doing well and looking forward to when you come home--we are hoping Christmas. Grandpa is still playing softball twice a week and is still one of the Kids and Kubs best players. I am working 1 - 2 times a week with Dr Albers--doing his paper work. We may go North to MA in July. Grandma Will is back in the hospital--she has fluid in her lungs and progressing heart failure. Jim is in in the nursing home section where they live. Weather here is beautiful. April and May are my favorite months--not too hot and humid. Brian you have become quite a cook--we are so very proud of you both. We are so glad you are depending on our LORD for HIS direction for your life. His plans are perfect! Our lives are so much happier when we learn to remember that it is our responsibility to bring Glory to God in all we say, do and think. Jesus died first to bring his Father Glory--our purpose is also to bring Glory to God. We love you two and look forward to seeing you soon. Hugs and Blessing, Gramma