Little church on the beach

"Where the doors are always open" is the motto of our church, Saipan Community Church. We completely love this church. It was a struggle to find a church that was right for us in Taiwan last year, and we are so grateful for this place.
The guys this Sunday. Yes, that is a coconut that Matt found under a tree after the service.
The walls are completely open, with only a roof overhead. Sometimes it starts to pour during the service, and it's really hard to hear! Now that it's trade wind season, it is nice and cool with a breeze blowing through the building. The church is located right on the coast with the ocean about 20 feet away.
Another part I love about our church is the worship band. There are only about 5 members, but they do such a great job and the music is always really good.
Sometimes I have to make Brian laugh for pictures so he doesn't cheese smile :)
The cutest little newborn, Judah, at church
I love these two!
Brian and I are really thankful for a church that is growing us spiritually and that we look forward to attending each week.

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g&kfifield said...

I love getting to sit next to you at church!