Lime green house

I've always enjoyed decorating the 4 apartments I've lived in (plus my dorm room in college with my BRE Whitney!), but this year in Saipan we've left our one bedroom apartment very, very bare. It's so crazy- there's no curtains (only blinds), no cute bedspread, no lamps, nothing even on the walls. Things are very, very expensive in Saipan because they all have to be shipped in, so one reason we choose to not buy these is that we just don't have the funds for it. Another reason is that it's just really nice to live in a simple, clutter-free house for a year.

I am looking forward to decorating our next place back in the States (I've even been bookmarking cool interior design ideas I've come across on blogs for future ideas), and I'm also really excited about the storage unit in Yukon, Oklahoma that is still holding all of our household appliances, bedding, and things that we didn't want to drag around overseas with us the past two years. I'm especially missing our crock pot, toaster oven, and blender back home (appliances are super expensive here; each of these is over 60 dollars!). It will be nice to come back to these things, but it's also really nice to live so simply right now, and to get by on just the basics.I love our kitchen. It's small, compact, and has everything we need. The concept of the stove is foreign to Taiwan, so this year in Saipan I'm loving ours. One thing that's not widely used in Saipan are microwaves. Apartments don't come with them, and they are extremely pricey to buy. You just get used to not ever using one, and make all your food on the stove or in the oven.

Dining room area (our kitchen, dining room and living room are all in one). Those big jugs are the water we use here. The tap water is really salty and contains too much chlorine to drink, so you buy these big containers for cooking and drinking. We spend about 2 dollars on this every week- not bad at all. When I visited home for Christmas, it was so weird to be able to drink a big glass of tap water!
Plus... isn't the wall color awesome?? It makes it feel like a true beach house!


Anonymous said...

your place is awesome Rach! I love the "less is more" concept myself. I wish my house had less stuff- clutter makes me nervous.
We should all try to live with only the bare necessities sometime- (great , now I'm singing that song from The Jungle Book!)
thanks for sharing these pictures, it helps when I am thinking of you guys and have a true image of where you are. love and prayers, Cheryl

g&kfifield said...

your place is super cute!

deep vats said...

i like the kitchen place its really a nice

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the pictures of your apartment. I love you sooooooo much:) Mom