Weekend Update

Hello family and friends,

October has been a busy, busy month!

On Saturday, Brian lead his first Hiking Club excursion. It turned out great, and he did such a great job coordinating the hiking site, permission slips, all of the sponsors, and other details. 20 plus students came for the hike and about 8 sponsors, who were parents and other teachers at Hopwood Jr. High, and it was a great time. Because of the great interest and the support of the administrators at Hopwood, Brian's going to host one Hiking club hike per month... I'm really, really proud of him and the way that he created this all by himself.

This month has flown by with work and school. My tutoring job is going great, and the number of students that I tutor has been growing every couple of weeks, which is a bonus. I've joined a gym with some of my girl friends which has a dance class that I look forward to every week- it's so fun! I've also been looking at lots of medical programs in Oklahoma City (nursing and dental hygienist) trying to narrow down which ones I will apply to. I'm dreading taking Chemistry next semester as a prerequisite!

Love you all and we'll post some October pictures soon, Rachel

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that the hiking excursion went so well. Post us pictures when you can and let us know how the big birthday night out went!! Love, Mom and Dad