It's going by too fast!

Here are some more pics that I wanted to post from Brian's Forbidden Island hike, and also a little hike we did this weekend...
Brian in Forbidden Cave

Hiking down to the Dry Grotto- a huge cave that opens out above the sea, but that you can also get to by land, by climbing down a rope into a cavern... hard to explain but awesome. A big group of us went there this weekend, and ate lunch in the huge cave overlooking the ocean.
At this point, we were hiking directly over the cave that we would eat our lunch in. You had to be careful because their was a big drop off into the water to the right of us.
Here is the cave where we ate- it was huge! It looked over the ocean, and was a nice and cool place to relax
Best spot on the beach- reading in a comfy chair.
Me and two of my favorite girls- Kara and Elizabeth
I just like this picture of Brian
Me and Brian were hanging out at the beach last weekend, and I was reading a book when I kept hearing a weird, squawking/talking sound. I went to find out what it was, and saw this gorgeous pink parrot. A man who works at the Hyatt Beach resort here (we were lounging on their beach) has owned this parrot, Freddy, for 20 years. We got to feed him some peanuts and put him on our shoulders.
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Josiah & Laura said...

just wanted to say "hi. i read your blog today."

this weekend: halloween party!!!! yay.


g&kfifield said...

Awe, we had such a good time!