"On your mark.... get set.... go!!"

Hello friends and family,

We miss you all and are really happy that you read our blog!

Brian is still really enjoying his counseling job at Hopwood Jr. High, and I've had my first week of work. I'm tutoring first and second graders three days a week- they are so sweet and I'm really liking it so far. Most of the students at the small tutoring company I work at are Korean students, and they are sometimes only visiting Saipan for a month or two, although some of them live here.

Brian is doing a great job at Hopwood- I think he really fits into the role of a counselor well. I love it how he truly cares about the tough (and sometimes dangerous) situations the kids are facing, and he's able to give good advice, or step in the take care of the situation. He will be having his first school hiking club excursion this month, and there are a lot of faculty/students who want to participate.

The top picture is Brian eating campfire smores. Last weekend, a bunch of the girls on the island got together for a girls night, and our husbands went out to have another bonfire on the beach. They made foil dinners and cooked them in the fire, which is one of Brian's favorite foods. :)
I just LOVE these girls!! Jenn, Laura, and Kara at a movie/chai tea night at Jenn's this weekend.
On Saturday, Brian and I went to Managaha Island for a third time with our friends Grant, Kara, and Jenn. Managaha is a free trip by ferry to a little island next to Saipan, and it's a great way to get off of our tiny island for a day! Tourists have to pay $40 to get there, but if you get your tickets in advance, it's a free ferry ride for us locals- a great deal. We love to go out there and lounge on the beach, snorkel, and explore the small island looking for war artifacts.

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Kristy said...

We love you guys and are glad you're having a great time! I start subbing this week (I finished the long process for three different school districts) so I know how exciting it is to finally have a job to do (and it helps when you really like doing it too!) I am glad you found a tutoring job! We miss you guys and continue to pray for yall!

Rachel W. said...

Miss you! Katannya gave me your copy of Taiwan Lonely Planet and we've been using it when we go places. It's almost like you're coming with us! ;) We went to Ying Ge last Sunday. :) Xin Hu is still a crazy place! The NSTs are dancing Thriller for the kids' halloween party... but maybe not. We're still learning it anyways! It's really fun. You would love it! Glad you're enjoying Saipan!

g&kfifield said...

great times with great friends:)