Hen piàoliang means "very pretty" in Chinese

This is "Forbidden Island." It looks a lot like Bird Island (from our pictures before), but you can recognize Forbidden by it's flat top.

We love to watch the cloud formations in Saipan. There are always big, white, puffy clouds overhead, the kind that are easy to recognize shapes in. Because we are just a little island out in the middle of the Pacific, the clouds move very fast above us. A rainstorm can blow in, and then blow out to sea again within 10 minutes- it's really amazing to see. Also, you can be standing in a dry spot where it is not raining, but you can see it raining 20 feet away from you, like the cloud is hovering over just that area. The weather in Saipan is really unique and beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!! I'm glad you guys are having such a wonderful time!

Jessica Moore

Anonymous said...

Have you been to the top of Forbidden Island yet?

Brian and Rachel said...

Yes, we made it to to the top last Saturday. It was really cool!


Brian and Rachel said...
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