Taiwanese T-Giving

I think we've become accustomed to the traffic in Taipei by now, but it truly is like rush hour 24/7.  Busy streets filled with buses, taxis, cars, and especially scooters.

Steps on a hiking trail in Pinxi that Brian and his friend Tim hiked recently.

Extreme hiking

Pretty Taiwan from the view in Pinxi.

The bus we got super lost on one day and rode for about an hour till we came to the very end of the line.

Happy to see the sun after 2 weeks of clouds or rain. Taiwan has had really wierd weather lately... and lots of little earthquakes, too, that wake us up in the middle of the night and sometimes shake the books off of our shelves.

Brian cut his finger pretty bad while trying to make spagetti in...
our kitchen! yep, there it is...

We have a propane tank and hot plate on our back porch that we make all of our meals with. But we usually eat all of our meals out, since you can eat for so cheap in most restaurants.  It is usually more expensive to cook Western food at home than it is to eat local food at a nearby restauarant.

mini pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving

Our second mode of transportation of choice, the MRT.

Our Thanksgiving dinner was so good- all the food traditional Thanksgiving food from home that we were missing so much!

Brian, Alan, and Emlin at our Thanksgiving party

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