"No milk tea... cannot life!"

This weekend, Rachel and I took a couple of trips up to the mountains. Saturday we went to Yamingshan National Park and Sunday we went to Keelung. Here are some pictures from our trip:

Making a pit stop for some tea on our way up the mountain.  Rachel's favorite is milk tea minus the "pearls" or "bubbles" of jelly, but I really like the bubbles in mine.

My wife Rachel... lovely girl

Rachel is addicted to City Cafe coffee, which you can find at almost any 7-11 store in the city.

Me enjoying some bacon egg and cheese dan bing on top of Yamingshan National Park.

Me and my wife on the top

This was our first time back to the coast in over a month- way too long.

Checking out the fish at a local seafood market

Some cool fishing boats we discovered

Rachel thinking of becoming a fisherman

enormous shrimp

We were offered a fried rooster with his head and feet still intact
This is where we stopped for lunch on Sunday

I love Taiwan.

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