Christmas 09'

Hello, Merry Christmas!
Some cool things going right now:

- We have both taken some new classes in addition to our current ones. In addition to kindergarten classes, we will both be teaching a couple of classes for 8-10 year olds. We've also been working tonnns lately, subbing for a friend who went to America for the holidays.

- Our church is beginning a series of prayer-walks in an area about 30 minutes from our house, which we're both going to be a part of. I'm excited because I've never done this type of ministry before, although Brian has done prayer-walking in Italy. Soon, there will be some opportunities for mission trips to some neighboring countries, like Malaysia or the Phillipines, which we're really excited about.

-Yesterday, we went to a museum in Taipei to see a new Dinosaur exhibit- it was wicked- I've never seen a life-size Tyrannosaurus skeleton! They also had huge dinosaur models that moved, which were really cool.

-Christmas Day was good this year- we most definitely missed our family at home, but we had some cool traditions of our own together. We also got to spend some great time with our friends, both at a Christmas party and TGI Fridays, on Christmas Eve and day. We can't wait to see friends and family in America again, but Taiwan is really feeling like home.

Christmas Eve party food

and Jenny's cute little gift table

a little jade ring Brian bought me at the night market for 2 dollars- i love it

shoes, anyone?

choc etc. covered strawberries and cherries

mmm these are good

our favorite night market

Merry Christmas!!!
These photos were loaded in a hurry. We are going to the city's Dinosaur Museum and will be back to add more photos and put them in order.
Cheers!!! Brian

hahaha trying to get the corniest Christmas card pic- this one wins

me and my friend Katannya ran a 5k in the pretty city of Banciao 


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