hello 2010!

Our New Year's Eve party- sparklers on top of a rooftop apartment- Brian is on the far right

We love hot pot, which was the meal for our NY party

Melissa's cool camera

Brian w/ our friends Kate and Katannya. We all went hiking last Sunday in the mountains of Wulai. It was so nice to get away from the pollution and busyness of the city for a day, and it was just gorgeous up there.

Me and my friend Jenna, drinking hot chocolate at our Christmas Eve party. Jenna wore her bright red Hess shirt to be in the Christmas spirit :)

Wulai has some really awesome sculptures and statues. It was foggy that day, and the mist rising off of the mountains was beautiful.

These temples are everywhere in Taiwan- each city has at least one. A little part of Wulai city is below.

Brian on our way to the trail- he looooves to hike in Taiwan

It's been rainy lately, but thank goodness it didn't rain while we hiked

two of the greatest people in Taiwan! :) katie and jenna- at one of Taiwan's few Mexican restaurants after a day of training

Out for some amazing Indian food for a friend's birthday

Exploring.... wicked fist statues

Me driving my own little red scooter- this is how I get to and from work everyday, and anywhere else I need to go in Neihu. Brian's is much faster, so we usually both hop on his for long trips, but I love to drive mine.

We drove by these people in front of a store singing and doing a traditional dance, and stopped to take a pic of them.

Hiking- Katannya's dog came with us again, and she spends the whole time going back and forth and making sure everyone in the group is safe :)

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Nancy Morris said...

Hi Brian and Rachel,

Your pictures tell me you are have the experience of a lifetime. Such a beautiful country. Send me your mailing address so I can send you notes and cards.

Love and pray for you both.