Ni Hao, ya'll

Bringing Texas to Taiwan

Gettin' a kiss from my little lady!
Here is a scary group of Hsin Hu teachers at Rachel's school.
Dodging traffic on Rachel's birthday!
Rachels HRT's surprised her with a birthday cake while she was teaching.

Checking out our neighborhood while waiting for a train.

Mucking around on the MR

Taking pictures of my wife on our street.
Here is a street just outside our apartment. Notice the 7-11. Life in Taiwan would stop if there were no 7-11's. We do everything at 7-11 even pay our bills and parking tickets. =)

Rachel and her friends at a cookout we went to last weekend in Taoyuan.
Rachel at her favorite shopping destination, Ximen

I was greeted by Buddha when I reached the top of one of the mountains I climbed this weekend.

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Nancy Morris said...

Hi Brian and Rachel,

Oh, how I love seeing the pictures of your neighborhood, the city streets and mountains. It looks like a beautiful place to be. And I loved seeing your teacher friends and pictures of your trips. What a blessing God has given you two to be able to teach in such a different culture and climate.

I am studying Ecclesiastes in Women In The Word bible study at church. We are in Chapter 11 and verse 6 says: "Sow your seed in the morning and do not slack your hand in the evening, for you do not know whether one or the other will succeed, or whether both of them will be good."
I like T.M.Moore's paraphrase of v.6--"So give your best in life, work hard, and don't forget to test the waters that the Lord will bring your way. An try your hand at many things. Don't say 'I can't do that' when you have never tried. You never know what good may take your side until you test the waters and apply yourself in many different ways. That's why they say, 'sow in the morning and at night; you can't just tell which one of them is right for you, or maybe both will work.'"

That verse reminds me of you two and how you are allowing the Lord to use you and expand your views in life. Moore also paraphases, in part, v.10--"Don't be foolish, son, and think you can grasp the meaning and deepest things of life, or understand what wisdom is, or peace, or lasting love and joy APART FROM KNOWING GOD ABOVE."
So keep asking for God direction in your lives.