So much pizza

Brian and I bought our first two baby items this weekend.  A stroller and a swing!  We have purposely been avoiding buying baby stuff because 1) We have five months to go until the baby gets here, and 2) I knew that if I let myself start buying cute baby things this early I would just want to buy more and more cute baby things forever.

 Right now, we are trying to find some of the bigger, more expensive items on Craigslist and KSL (Utah's version of Craigslist which is pretty great.  There are so many babies in Salt Lake City and you can find so many people selling baby stuff in great condition for super cheap).  We want to buy our crib used (but we're being pretty picky in searching for that- we have a set idea of what we want).  We also found the same stroller that we had registered for at Babies R Us on KSL for less than half the price- so exciting!  The people we bought it from had seriously even cleaned the wheels and spent 20 minutes showing us how to use it and each trick they had learned- they were so sweet and nice.  We will be moving into a bigger space March 1st and then we can start decorating the nursery.
Love these girls- we had a girls night a couple of weekends ago and went out to dinner and a movie.  Spending time with friends means so much to me.  
 Bebe belly getting bigger!  But this was after I had just finished a ton of pizza, pasta, and salad, so looks can kind of be deceiving.
 Our friends had the greatest idea of making homemade pizzas last Monday night and they turned out to be so good.  All of us had just been talking about trying to eat in more, sometimes cook as a group, and save some money on the "restaurant" parts of our budgets each month.  
 Fresh basil is the best pizza topping.  Brian bought a small basil plant at Sprouts right after this but it requires a ton of water and keeps drooping each day.
 See how much Brian and Sarah's dog Kevin loves to wear my infinity scarves?  He always comes up to me and begs me to put one on him, so I have to give in.


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha. Kevin actually looks like he's begging someone to intervene:) Mom xoxo

Anonymous said...

mmmmm to both pizza nights! They were both really fun :) Also, our basil plant is super droopy too, and I'm pretty sure I'm a few days away from fully killing it.