Back to School

This week I started school again!  I was way too excited on my first day and texting my friend Laura telling her all about it... nerd.  I'm taking my nursing prerequisites at a community college right now, then hoping to transfer to the University of Utah for a fast track nursing program that they offer to those who have a bachelor's degree in another field of study. 

Another new thing that I'm really enjoying is the women's bible study that I joined at my church.  We meet at my friend Sandy's house, which is actually about a 30 minute drive from my house.  I really don't mind because my friend Amanda and I drive together, switching off each week, and it's such a great time to catch up with her on the drive.  The girls in the study are all just about my age and the number one thing I've noticed so far is how sincere and honest the girls have been while sharing during the study.  It is so inviting and refreshing, and I love having a place where I feel completely free to share my struggles and questions and everything.  I've also loved meeting new people from my church. We are doing a Beth Moore study about the life and character of Jesus and so far it's really good.

Brian gets up at 5am three mornings a week to go to a 6am masters swim class that he loves.  We go to bed the night before a little bit earlier, which has been great the last few months.  He loves to push himself during each class and has said he's noticed himself improving.  I like the muscles he gets at swim class :)  

We are both looking forward to our Oregon trip in March.  I seriously miss the ocean and have am looking forward to spending lots of time on the coast, even though it will be too cold to swim.  Since we are driving, I want to look up some cool places to stop between Salt Lake City and Portland.
Also my friend Anna sent me a list of possible baby names today that consisted of character names from Pretty Little Liars and her own name.  Love it so much.

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Anonymous said...

So proud of both of you:) Love you!!
xoxo Mom